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    Thins LED light strip is made of 5050 leds, which are the most well-known type of high intensity lights. They are reliable, easy to install, save energy, and can last for 50,000 hours before needing to be replaced.

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    Our Rechargeable Moon Night Light is decorative and functional. Whether you’re looking for a nightlight for your child or planning on making a statement in your space, this USB rechargeable night light is just what you’re looking for. The entire body is 3D printedto create a replica of the moon in its most realistic form.

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    Tuya Smart RGB light bulb is the best choice for your home. No Hub Required. Its app lets you easily control the lighting in your home via smartphone. The smart RGB wifi bulb is compatible with Alexa Echo and Google Home Assistant, it can be controlled through your voice easily.

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    The Smart Sunset Projector Lamp changes the look and feel of any room with over 16 million colors and different brightness settings. Simply download the free app on your smartphone, then control your light from anywhere using your phone or tablet.
    Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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    The Sunset Projection Lamp is a fine visual impact for everyone who sees it. Its innovative design has a 360 degree swivel handle for a broad range of projection direction. The light of the projector takes you to the beautiful scenery, and the light creates a great atmosphere.